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il corra

MySQL Administrator useful InnoDB graphs

Writing by corra on Tuesday, 6 of November , 2007 at 6:48 pm

Here is a simple configuration file (XML) for MySQL Administrator client.
In addition to the the default graphs I added some new pages containing the most important status variables to monitoring and evaluate the performance of InnoDB.


The new pages are:
idb storage: reads, writes, doublewrites and fsync activity
idb logs:writes to innodb logs and file system activity
idb buffer pool: buffer pool activity
idb disk: pages and rows activity

Just download the file mysqladmin_health.xml.gz then
gunzip it and copy it in the following (default) directory:
(Windows) C:Documents and SettingsUserNameApplication DataMySQL
(Linux) ~/.mysqlgui

I hope this could be useful.

Comments (3) Category: MySQLen


Comment by sandeep

Made Wednesday, 7 of November , 2007 at 2:14 am

I just added it to administrator it looks good. i still need to figure out what each one of these graphs are doing.

Pingback by il corra » Explaining InnoDB graphs for MySQL Administrator

Made Wednesday, 7 of November , 2007 at 11:58 am

[...] my last post MySQL Administrator useful InnoDB graphs here are the explanations about the meaning of some of the [...]

[...] While we’re on tools, Il Corra posted a configuration for creating useful InnoDB graphs in MySQL Administrator. [...]

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MySQL 5.0 Developer/DBA Certified
Since 1995 ilcorra is one of the main designer, developer and DBA of all websites.
MySQL instructor and consultant for Stardata.

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